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Retail Sale of Flowers and Plants 
The Flower and Plant Nursery Segantini Roberto & C. in Castiglione Fiorentino, Arezzo, is the perfect nursery if you are looking for a special and reliable plant to adorn your garden or balcony. The very wide choice and variety of plants offered have the characteristic of being healthy, strong in growth and especially floriferous


vegetable plants, succulent plants, seeds

The Flower and Plant Nursery Segantini Roberto & C. in Castiglion Fiorentino has a large display of vegetable plants, which are very popular among hobbyists and those who cultivate a small plot, a terrace or a simple balcony.

In addition, the nursery always has grafted vegetable plants: these consist of two plants, with one acting as a rootstock on which the other is grafted.

Soils and fertilizers are a separate chapter. The Nursery Segantini offers its customers high quality fertilizers and potting soil, ideal for both balcony and garden plants.


Relying on manufacturers with significant experience in the field of Artistic Pottery, the Agricultural Company Roberto Segantini & C. in Castiglione Fiorentino, is able to satisfy even the most particular needs of customers, in addition to the usual production of pots, urns and boxes and lemon vases.

In addition you can find a wide assortment of garden and outdoor furniture
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